CNC C-channel Punching Machine
CPM25 series C-channel Punching Machine designed with high speed and stability for maximum output and quality when processing C-channel or U-channel.
C-channel or U-channel punching
Web and the flanges punching
Variety Hole Size and Shape Punching
High punching accuracy



If you are working with large beams or heavy metals, handling C-channel is a troublesome and downright dangerous task. It is quite irritating having to move a C-channel several times for punching. For this reason, LETIPTOP has developed a machine on which profiles can be punched on the web and the flanges of C-channel in one cycle which used widely in plant shelves, steel workshop, steel structure platform, steel fabricated house, factory shops, warehouses etc.

LETIPTOP CNC C-channel / U-channel Punching Machine

CNC C-channel / U-channel Punching Machine Features:
Fully automatic C-channel Punching.
Automatic feeding, clamping, punching
2 flange punching units and 1 web punching unit.
it is able to punch Hole Size and Shape can punch on UPN Channel.
3 Punching Units (2 Horizontal and 1 Vertical)
Vertically punching unit for web punching and horizontal punching unit for flange punching.
The distance from hole to C-channel end, the distance between holes are controlled by servo motor.
The servo motor is precisely operated to ensure the accuracy of punching.
Hole space, feeding length and holes quantity can programming by touch screen controller.
Collecting tray for punch remnants for easy daily maintenance.
Back Pulling System: To pull the C-channel from the other side by the Pulling servo motor for punching the last hole which is too close to the C-channel end(Option).
SHK-51 high-speed steel mould.
The hardness of the molds up to 53HR.
50,000 times for non-destructive punching. More than 300,000 for punching life.
The main mechanical, hydraulic, electronic parts adopts global brand.
The machine body welded by steel pipe and iron plate, and the overall precision machining by large gantry CNC machining center.
The whole machine are integrated designed, don’t need to lay the foundation.

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