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Jiangsu TIPTOP Machine Tools Co., Ltd. is a well known worldwide manufacturer of machines for sheet metal working, such as Hydraulic Ironworker, Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Press Brake, Plate Rolling Machine and Section Bender utilizing the most recent technologies and constantly refined by our design engineers to meet the most demanding market requirements for flexibility.

LETIPTOP is with global presence in the sheet metal industry. LETIPTOP designs, develops, produces and sells conventional and CNC fabricating machine tools.

The vast experience of our design engineers combined with the knowledge of our customers renders LETIPTOP both innovative and dynamic.

LETIPTOP creates innovative products which are at the same time easy to use. We are accomplishing our objectives by utilizing the most recent technologies as well as constantly refining and adding to our designs and the results show it.

LETIPTOP machines are tailored to meet demanding customer’s requirements; the combination of state-of-the-art technologies and unique concepts assure you advanced, productive and competitive products in any application: bending, cutting, punching and rolling.

Our Dreams

Why so many customers need us to repair their machines? Why those factories cannot supply the high-quality machines to customers? Before 2004, I had a small metal processing factory to help customers make some stamping parts and metal turning parts. There are often problems with some machines during production and processing. The frequent machine problems make the production interruption. At the same time, the supplier cannot supply the after-sales service in time. So we have to hire several mechanical maintenance and repairing engineers to handle it temporarily. But not all of mechanical engineers can help me to repair the machines in time. So I employed 4 professional mechanical and repairing engineers to deal with machine problems. When there is problem with the machine, we all sit down and discuss the solution. I was wondering if other processing factories also had similar problems. Later, a small machine repair shop was set up, which obviously helps more factories solve the machine problem.

Machine maintenance and repairing have not been able to solve problems from the source.

Through the experience of more than 1,000 machines maintenance and repairing, and the discussion with users, we know what kind of machine is more suitable for users. Many times, I think i should solve the machine problems from the source, so I should do something.

I decided to move on. On May of 2008. We only have 4 mechanical maintenance engineers and more than 1,000 sets of machine maintenance and repair experience. We started to make machines according to the requirements of users. The first machine was well received, and two machines were manufactured for other users under the recommendation of the customer. So we made a decision to solve the machine problem from the source and start manufacturing the machines. The LETIPTOP brand began to spread across the metalworking industry.

Full time:In the first two years, we have improved the machine design through past machine maintenance and repairing experience. Every improvement has received a warm response from the customers. And our brand knowledge spread organically through the public praise and online advertising. My dream of starting LETIPTOP brand is no longer just a dream.

I decided to follow my passion and jump up.

At the second anniversary of LETIPTOP establishment, I decided to shut down my metal processing factory. This way I can concentrate on my enthusiasm for LETIPTOP. As part of this change, we rented a factory to start manufacturing machines.

It started with an idea that made all users have no after-sales problems, and our mission remains the same: to create high-quality, well-designed machines that I want to buy by myself. LETIPTOP did not start with a formal business plan. In fact, my business background is very small. I did not follow the “traditional” model to establish my company, but tried to solve problems by using common sense and research. I found that the best way to learn is to do it.

We have exported our machines to 67 countries around the world. Of course, I have never had this brand if without the support of thousands of people who like LETIPTOP and want to tell their friends. We rely almost entirely on public praise, and with the help of the Internet and social media, our influence has become truly global. We have shipped LETIPTOP products to customers in 67 countries around the world.

Keep product individualization  Even if we grow up, one thing I always want to do for LETIPTOP is to keep product individualization style. We won’t try to make LETIPTOP look like a big company. We are as transparent as possible. That’s why I shared a lot of behind-the-scenes stories about how to do my products and run LETIPTOP. No matter how big LETIPTOP is, I always want to let customers get in touch.

 Give back  Another dream of LETIPTOP is to give back to those people in need. We will take part of the annual profit to help those people in need. With your support, we can help more people.

Why Choose Us
  • Professional Team

    LETIPTOP have a professional team including sales, technicians, QC, after-sale service will always be there for you. Our team members are knowledge, experienced, diligent and creative with our wide range of high quality products and better services.
  • Extensive Experience

    With pride, strengthened by our experience, we can customize the products based on the working of Customers, improving times, and production costs.
  • Excellent Customer Service

    LETIPTOP team members includes qualified sales specialists and highly trained technical professional to help provide quick service and the best quality of work in order to meet our customers needs.
  • Variety Products

    LETIPTOP is specialized in the metalworking machinery since 2004. We supply the variety machines to our customers.OEM is available for customers. You can one-stop purchase.
  • Safety

    We manufacture the safety machines for the world market. All our machines were installed safety devices to protect the operators according to CE standard.
  • Latest Technology

    The constant commitment to product research allows us to be one step ahead of the market. We want to amaze the Customers who use our products with innovative solutions that allow to face the most difficult challenges in any application of metalworking industry.
  • Consistent Quality

    All LETIPTOP products are manufactured with the highest standards and undergo a strict quality control process to achieve durability with minimal maintenance. Our dedication to the highest quality products and services has established excellent trade relations with customers from all over the world.
  • After-sale Service

    LETIPTOP is always at your service, ready to accept new challenges and reply to any operational need.
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