CNC Angle Steel Punching Machine
CNC Angle Steel Punching and Cutting Machine is widely applied in steel tower, railway, bridge building, and power transmission for steel angles punching and cutting. Also it called CNC angle production line.

Angle Steel Punching and Cutting.
Multi-punching and cutting station.
Programming for hole punching distance and cutting length
3m, 6m, 12m machine for your selection.



Are you still process the angle steel combined the angle steel cutting machine and band saw machine? Is the band saw machine too slow? Is the work efficiency too low? LETIPTOP CNC Angle Steel Punching and Cutting Machine can fulfill the punching and cutting of angle steel in one run which used widely in telecommunication tower, house beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transportation machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction towers, container racks and warehouse shelves, etc.

CNC Angle Steel Punching and Cutting Machine Features:

Automatic Angle Steel punching and cutting.
Automatic feeding, clamping, punching and cutting.
It consists of punching unit and cutting unit.
it is able to punch different hole size and shape in 2 different directions.
Two cylinders for punching units, one cylinder for cutting units.
Hole punching distance and angle steel cutting length are controlled by servo motor.
Touch screen controls for file management and editing (feeding length, quantity, punch tooling)
The engineer can operate easier without programming experience.
SHK-51 high-speed steel mold for punching die and cutting blade.
The hardness of the molds up to 53HR.
50,000 times for non-destructive punching and cutting. More than 300,000 times for punching and cutting life.
The main mechanical, hydraulic, electronic parts adopts global brand.
The machine body welded by steel pipe and iron plate, and the overall precision machining by large gantry CNC machining center.
The whole machine are integrated designed, don’t need to lay the foundation.

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