cnc hydraulic press brake

1 set of 3-Roller Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machine W11F-6×1500 and 1 set of Hydraulic Press Brake HPB-50T/1600 with Estun E200P controller will ship to Thailand for Exhibition.


Plate Rolling Machine:
W11F-6×1500 is asymmetrical type mechanical type 3 roller plate rolling machine, it can roll Max. 6mm in thick and 1500mm in width of mild steel plate. It has pre-rolling function. It also can roll the cone shape.


Hydraulic Press Brake:
HPB-50T/1600 is capable to bend 3.8mm in thick and 1600mm in width. It goes along with Estun E200P CNC Controller which future as below:

  • Back gauge and block control
  • Bus mode control servo system
  • Stock counter
  • Program memory of up 40 programs Up to 25 steps per program
  • One side positioning indication
  • Retract function
  • Mm/Inch
  • Chinese/English

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