W12 series 4-Roller Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine
LETIPTOP 4-roller plate rolling machine is advanced plate bending and rolling machines. They are available in rolling O-shape, U-shaped, multi-section R-shape with high precise.

4 rollers plate rolling machine.
Hydraulic type.
CNC type.
Cylindrical shape, circular arc shape and conical shape rolling.


Plate Rolling Machine Description

Our 4-roller plate rolling machine is advanced plate bending and rolling machines because they are more precise, efficient, flexible, faster, safer and easier to operate.

They are available in rolling O-shape, U-shaped, multi-section R-shape and so on. It is an ideal model for rolling workpieces in industries such as energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower, and metal structures. 4-roller plate rolling machine create a higher return on investment, saving time and cost.

Hydraulic Rolling Machine Features

CNC control, digital display for the position of each roller. High accuracy and precision circle.
With pre-bending function at the end of the plate, which can feed the metal sheet plate once. It can complete the pre-bending of the plate end and the rolling the workpiece without turning the metal sheet plate.
4 hardening rollers (HRC 58). The working roller is the main driving roller. The bottom roller and both side roller are hydraulically driven. The computer controls the lifting.
The rolls can be a coating for rolling stainless steel. It does not damage the stainless steel surface.
The rear part of the upper roller is equipped with a balance mechanism, which can easily unload the rolled workpiece.
The movable control panel unit with an emergency stop switch.
The programmable CNC control system can store automatic rolling data for more than hundreds of different workpieces. It enables one-click choosing and one-button startup. Automatic workpiece rolling without manual operation.
The system has the function of interlocking and interconnection protection measures to prevent misoperation.
The operating system has the function of EPS electronic automatic leveling system, which can automatically adjust the parallelism of the rollers to ensure product quality.
The material setting, pre-bending, and rolling steps can be completed in the rolling process. The remaining straight edge length for pre-bending is ≤1.5 times the thickness of the plate. High precision rolling can meet the requirements of automatic welding.
The optional hydraulic crane and hydraulic lateral support can effectively control the workpiece deformation in the rolling due to the workpiece self-weight.
The optional cone-rolling device can meet customer needs to roll conical shape.
It is not only for a cylinder rolling but also for arc shape, square shape, triangle shape, oblate shape, and oval shape.
This model not only satisfies the circular cylindrical shape rolling process but also can satisfy the automatic rolling of arc, square, triangle, oblate, elliptical and other shape workpieces.
2 years warranty and lifetime technical support.

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Technical Parameters


Working Principle

Working Principle


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