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Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine

1 set of 3-roller Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine W11S-25x2500 ship to Nigeria. It is upper roller universal plate rolling machine. It is used for rolling the certain plates into the form of drum and arc. The working principle is to curve and roll. The upper roller can move horizontally and vertically so the auxiliary equipments are not needed. It can finish the pre-bending and curvature forming of the [...]

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Programming for CNC Tube Punching Machine

From this page, you will see the Programming for CNC Tube Punching Machine. Tube Information: Tube Length: 1418mm Tube Size: 39x18x3mm Hole Size: 8x15mm Punching Surface: 19mm Punching Type: through hole Tube Information Edit: We need to enter the basic information of the pipe in the "Raw Material" as below: Raw Material Length: 1418mm Set Length: 1418mm Set the number of roots: 1 Then set the [...]

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CNC H-beam Punching Machine

Mr. Sunny bought our CNC H-beam Punching Machine at 14ht of November, 2014. They are the one of biggest manufacture of storage shelf and rack in USA. They bought this machine mainly for punching the flange of W8 x 18 Beams as racking stand. This beam is part of Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks. We designed this machine for both web and flange punching of [...]

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Plate Rolling Machine and Press Brake

1 set of 3-Roller Asymmetrical Plate Rolling Machine W11F-6x1500 and 1 set of Hydraulic Press Brake HPB-50T/1600 with Estun E200P controller will ship to Thailand for Exhibition. Plate Rolling Machine: W11F-6x1500 is asymmetrical type mechanical type 3 roller plate rolling machine, it can roll Max. 6mm in thick and 1500mm in width of mild steel plate. It has pre-rolling function. It also can roll the [...]

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60 Tons Hydraulic Ironworker Machine To Indian

Thanks to the Indian customer Mr. HIREN for purchasing 1 set of 60 tons Hydraulic Ironworker Machine, which is mainly used to cut C-channel steel and round bar. So we designed the Hydraulic Ironworker Machine with 2 of C-channel cutting stations. It saves the time of changing the cutting blade and improves the working efficiency. Hydraulic Ironworker Machine is a multi-function machine that can [...]

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CNC Hydraulic Tube Punching Machine To Pakistan

Thank you very much to Pakistan customer Mr. Awais for ordering 1 set of 4000mm CNC Hydraulic Tube Punching Machine which mainly used to storage shelf and rack punching. The tubes size are 30x30x2mm, 60x30x3mm, 80x30x3mm, 38x38x2mm, 50.8x25.4x2mm. Due to the coronavirus epidemic situation, he could not come to China to inspect the machine by himself, so his friend Mr. Ahmad comes to us to inspect the [...]

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