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LETIPTOP is with global presence in the sheet metal fabrication industry. LETIPTOP designs, develops, produces and sells conventional and CNC fabricating machine tools.

The vast experience of our design engineers combined with the knowledge of our customers renders LETIPTOP both innovative and dynamic.

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Punching, Shearing, Bending, Rolling Machine For Steel Fabrication

You will gain valuable experience in purchasing machines that can last more than 10 years without stoppage. With life-long after-sales services

Double Cylinder Hydraulic Ironworker

Hydraulic Ironworker

LETIPTOP Hydraulic Ironworker Machines have 5 stations range from 45 ton to 400 ton in punching capacity. You can use it for punching, cutting, notching and bending.

  • Five working stations.
  • Range from 45 ton to 400 ton.
  • Max punching thickness upto 40mm.
  • C-channel, H-beam, I-beam punching and cutting.
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pipe punching workpiece

Hydraulic Punching Machine

LETIPTOP hydraulic punching machine can punch sheet plate, C-channel, H-beam, I-beam, tube and special profile steel. We have single cylinder and double cylinder available.

  • Max punching capacity upto 400 tons.
  • Max punching thickness upto 40mm
  • Round, square, oblong hole punching
  • C-channel, H-beam, I-beam punching
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Tube Punching Machine
Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

LETIPTOP shearing machine made for the world market. The swing beam type and guillotine type are available for thin and thick plate shearing.

  • swing beam shears and guillotine shears
  • Max cutting thickness upto 30mm
  • 0.01mm accuracy
  • NC and CNC are available
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Shearing Machine Working Table
press brake

Hydraulic Press Brake

LETIPTOP press brake wildly use in every industry. Such as shipbuilding, infrastructure infra, transportation, steel structure, wind turbines, power plants, national defense, etc.

  • single and tandem press brake
  • Max 1200 tons bending capacity.
  • Variety angle bending
  • NC and CNC available
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CNC Press Brake
Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine

Plate Rolling Machine

The plate rolling machine is available in rolling O-shape, U-shaped, multi-section R-shape and so on. It is an ideal model for rolling workpieces in industries such as energy, transportation, petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, hydropower and metal structures.

  • 3 rollers and 4 rollers.
  • hydraulic and mechanical type.
  • The rolling thickness upto 160mm.
  • NC and CNC
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plate rolling machine
profile bending machine

Profile Bending Machine

LETIPTOP profile bending machine is high-efficiency processing equipment which used to all kinds of profile steel such as angle steel, C-channel, H-beam, flat bar, square bar, round bar, tube and so on.

  • 3 roller driving
  • NC and CNC available
  • Variety profile steel for rolling.
  • Inner bending and outer bending for profile steel
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profile bending machine
Deslagging Deburring Machine,Metal Finishing Machine

Metal Deburring Machine

LETIPTOP Metal Deburring Machine is combined function equipment which can process mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper steel, titanium. It’s widely used for deburring, edge rounding, finishing, grinding and slag removing etc.

  • Integrated CNC control system.
  • Dry and wet dust collection unit.
  • Processing width range from 600mm to 1600mm
  • Abrasive belt, rotary brush and slag hammer
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punch and die

Accessories and Tools

LETIPTOP offer different moulds to meet the variety jobs requirement. You can choose them accordingly. Or you can let us know what kind of workpiece you would like to make, we can design special moulds for your jobs.

  • Press brake tooling.
  • Shearing machine blade.
  • Punch and die for ironworker machine.
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press brkae tooling


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