Section Bender
LETIPTOP section bending machine is used to perform cold bending on profiles with different shape and size. Usually, the machine is used in metal fabrication.

PLC control
Horizontal and vertical type available
2 years warranty



The profile bending machine is high-efficiency processing equipment which used to end all kinds of profile steel such as angle steel, C-channel, H-beam, flat bar, square bar, round bar, tube and so on. Once feeding then finishes pre-bending and rolling. It widely used in petroleum, chemical, hydropower, shipbuilding, and machinery manufacturing industries.

Profile steel pre-bending function, reducing material waste and reducing processing steps.
When rolling the asymmetric profile steel, the twisting can be avoided by correcting the guide roller device.
Using PLC control, it can be produced in batches with high efficiency.
Movable operator station with an emergency stop switch.
Once feeding then finishes pre-bending and rolling.
Three drive rollers mounted with hydraulic motor, without slipping, even for thinner material can be bent.
Side guide rollers to ensure the high quality for asymmetric profile steel rolling.
The mold can be changed to roll various profile steel.
Horizontal and vertical type for choice.
NC or CNC for choice.
It can store up to 100 rolling steps so that it can be chosen at any time.
2 years warranty and lifetime technical support.

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Technical Parameters



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