Double Cylinder Hydraulic Punching Machine
LETIPTIOP designed the dual-operation hydraulic punching machine to improve the working efficiency. Two people can operate the machine simultaneously at both ends of the machine.
Dual-operation for punching.
C-channel, H-beam, I-beam punching.
Automatic cooling system
5 set of punch and die.


Double Cylinder Plate Punching Machine Description

In order to improve the working efficiency. So, LETIPTOP designed the dual-operation hydraulic steel punching machine.

Two people can work simultaneously at both ends of the machine without any influence. and, it can also perform assembly line work. You can complete double productivity through dual operator working. It is not only for holes punching. but also for bending and forming. It is really a universal punching machine.

LETIPTOP allows every customer to operate the machine with confidence. LETIPTOP make 100% safe machine.

The emergency stop switch is installed on the machine working station and the electrical cabinet. The electrical cabinet is equipped with the device which disconnecting the power supply after you open the electrical cabinet.

The visual safety shield is installed on the punching station. You can safely observe the state of the punching and prevent chip spill out.

The hydraulic punching machine has low noise and does not damage the eardrum of the worker.

Max. punching capacity is 400 tons which can punch Max. thickness up to 40mm.

Steel Punching Machine Features

The dual operation for efficient punching.
Single punching and continuous punching for choice.
Quick-change devices allow to change punch and die within 16 seconds by manual.
The height of the stripper is adjustable.
Work efficiency can be improved by adjusting the stroke of the punching station. You can punch up to 22 times per minute.
X, Y-axis scales on the working table to fix the hole position. LETIPTOP optional laser positioning device is available for you to choose.
As for dual-operation hydraulic punching machines, LETIPTOP supply the cooling system to reduce the oil temperature to prevent seals aging.
The movable work light is convenient for workers to use.
Electric material feeding device is for large-sized profile steel feeding.
2 years warranty and lifetime technical support.

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