How to Commissioning, Installation and trial running CNC Metal Deburring and Finishing Machine?

Dear valuable customers:

Thank you so much for purchasing the China LETIPTOP brand of CNC Metal Deburring and Finishing Machine. From this page, you will see the Commissioning, Installation and trial running of CNC Metal Deburring and Finishing Machine.

1. Metal Deburring Machine Installation

1.1  Connect to 3-phase power supply.

      10mm²cable for DBR-600, DBR-800, DBR-1000

      25mm²cable for DBR-1300, DBR-1600,

1.2  Connect 8mm tube to air supply.

1.3  Vacuum Adsorption Machine Connection

1.4   Power Supply Connection of Vacuum Adsorption Machine

1.5   Power Supply Connection of Dust Collector

1.6   Power on the dust collector and check the air direction.

1.7   Connect and fix the air duct of dust collector.

1.8   Filling the Water, water level is below the screw.

2. Metal Deburring Machine Commissioning

2.1. Power on the power supply.

2.2. Press the button “Working Table Lifting” to make sure the power supply connection positive.

2.3. Click “Open Door Power-off”, and then open the side door.

2.4. Abrasive Belt Installation

3. Parts Replacement

3.1. Install abrasive belt with arrow facing down.

3.2. Install abrasive belt from the bottom first.

3.3. Push the abrasive belt to the position of limit switch.

3.4. Mounting the holder.

3.5. Rotary Brush Installation

4. Metal Deburring Machine Trial Running

4.1. Measure the thickness of workpiece.

4.2. Input workpiece thickness into the CNC Controller

4.3. Running the machine.

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