Storage Rack plays an important role in the warehouse modernization, and the market demand share is increasing. With the rapid economic development, more and more automated storage is used in storage shelves.

Storage shelf is a storage device, which is based on six basic functions of packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, sorting and information management. With the continuous development of the storage shelf industry in 2014, more and more industries and companies have used storage shelves, and more and more companies have entered the storage industry. The storage shelf is one of the main storage facilities. It can be said that the shelf is an indispensable part of the modern industrial warehouse, logistics center and distribution center.

Storage shelves usually have three major parts which included columns, beams and shelves. The LETIPTOP CNC Hydraulic Pipe Punching Machine is specially used for processing rack and shelves.

LETIPTOP CNC Hydraulic Pipe Punching Machine is a new type of punching machine that integrates variety of pipe and profile steel punching. It changed the previous single punching mode. Pipe Punching, angle steel punching, flat bar punching, C-channel punching, U-channel Punching, H-beam punching, I-beam punching can be processed on one machine. It greatly saves equipment investment and saves equipment space. It is suitable for punching and cutting of various pipes and profiles. It can punch round hole, square hole, special-shaped hole, and screw hole, etc with no burr and no deformation. And it also can undertake cutting processing.



  • Humanized touch screen operation interface, only need to input the hole coordinate parameters of the product, do not need to learn professional programming. The operation is simple and easy to learn, and the program is intelligent and humanized.
  • The CNC control system has memory function which can store multiple sets of punching data.
  • High precision servo motor feeding, high feeding accuracy.
  • The CNC Hydraulic Pipe Punching Machine adopts imported precision guide rail, servo motor and driver to ensure long-lasting durability, high processing accuracy, fast speed and high correction coefficient
  • The mould has quick replacement mechanism which saves mold replacement time.
  • The processing capacity of the tube upto 120x 4mm. It can also punch the profile steel with thickness upto 10mm.
  • It can punch 200mm-12000mm length tube. Punching speed upto 80-120 holes per minute.
  • The hole of Ф3.5-Ф40mm can be punch by changing the mold (specifically can be customized according to customer requirements).
  • This machine can process full holes or half holes on workpieces with complex shapes.
  • This model is suitable for any workpiece punching with equidistant and unequal distance.
  • Pneumatic clamp, strong force.
  • Adopt a pulling device, no tail material at the end of the workpiece
  • The accuracy of hole pitch is plus or minus 0.1MM, no cumulative tolerance.