At present, there are many suppliers of CNC Tube Punching Machine in China market with prices ranging from 2,500USD to 15,000USD. They are located in Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong Province. If you would like to buy a good quality CNC Tube Punching Machine, how should you distinguish the quality of the machine before buying? How to select the CNC Tube Punching Machine with high-cost performance and a high-quality supplier with reliable service? We can distinguish from the following ways:


1. CNC Controller and Electrical Components

CNC Controller: It is the brain of the machine. Intelligent control can improve the punching speed and accuracy significantly. Not only there are differences in price between good brands and low-end brands, there are also obvious differences in reliability, control effectiveness, and stability.

The EASYCAT CNC touch system used by LETIPTOP is specially designed for tube punching machine. The characteristics of this control system are cost-effective, easy to use and maintain, long service life, and the holes pitch punching accuracy upto +/- 0.015mm. Just only need to input the coordinates of the holes position in the CNC controller to process the tube. It does not require professional engineer for programming, and it can calculate the remaining length of the tube automatically. It can be set the punching stroke can be single-sided punching or through punching, and the holes distance can programming. There is error alert when the wrong program is programmed. There is a protection device in the CNC controller, so wrong operation will not damage the machine. At the same time; all the machine fault information can be seen from the operation screen, and the problem can be directly judged and solved easily.

Electrical Components: Open the electrical cabinet, the cabinet is clean and tidy. The components are arranged in a reasonable position. The operation is convenient. The wiring is neat. There is no splicing phenomenon. The wire is connected tightly, the core wire is not damaged, and the wires are continuous. The electrical clearance and creepage distance meet the requirements of national standards. The contact is fastened and reliable, the wire diameter meets the requirements, and there is no break point for grounding. The switching action is flexible and reliable.



2.Hydraulic System

There are many brands of hydraulic systems in China market, and we are faced with a selection problem when purchasing. So how do we distinguish between good and bad quality hydraulic systems?

 Hydraulic System Design: This is relatively professional, because the design rationality of the hydraulic station affects the stable operation and quality of the entire hydraulic system directly. But it is difficult to distinguish for a layman. It requires you to understand the hydraulic schematic diagram. Simply put, the hydraulic system is a huge micro-piping system, the design of the pipeline, the emergency plan design, whether the combination of solenoid valves is reasonable, and whether the hydraulic pressure can be used smoothly on the cylinder or other force-bearing units, has the design considered useless pressure and excessive pressure leading to energy waste? Those are the embodiment of hydraulic system design ability. Professional hydraulic system manufacturers can provide customers with relevant diagrams when they delivery, and customers can use this drawing to allow knowledgeable professional engineer to check the design capabilities of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic System Layout: I believe everyone should understand this. The layout of the hydraulic system means that all hydraulic components are arranged neatly and reasonably on the entire hydraulic system. For example: whether maintenance is reasonable, whether the thermal layout is reasonable, and whether the overall appearance is reasonable.

The Quality of Hydraulic Components: The quality of hydraulic components is also closely related to the quality of the entire hydraulic system. The main components are hydraulic motor, oil pump, solenoid valve, oil circuit block and sealing element. The quality of these main components has a great influence on the quality of the entire hydraulic system.


3.Servo Feeding System

The servo feeding system is composed of servo motor, servo drive, linear guide and rack. The constant torque output of the servo motor drives the various movements of the tube punching. Servo motor is the muscle and joint of the machine, and high-quality motors can be used for precise, fast and stable control.

Servo Motor: The pulse equivalent of the servo motor used by LETIPTOP is 1/655 of the the stepping motor with a step angle 1.8°. It runs smoothly and will not vibrate at low speeds. After years of test machine testing, LETIPTOP confirms that the motor quality is good, stable operation, no noise and vibration.

 Servo Drive: In order to ensure productivity and processing quality, in addition to high positioning accuracy, a wide range of speed adjustment and good fast response characteristics are required, that is, the response of the tracking command signal is required to be fast, because when the CNC system is starting and braking, the acceleration and deceleration are required to be large enough to shorten the transition process time of the feed system and reduce the contour transition error. Generally speaking, the servo drive has an overload capacity of more than 1.5 times within a few minutes or even half an hour, and can be overloaded by 4 to 6 times without damage in a short time. It has strong temperature, humidity, vibration and other environmental adaptability and strong anti-interference ability.

 Linear Guide: It is a necessary layout for high-precision positioning of CNC Tube Punching Machine. The diameter of the slide rail is the key factor that determines its load. The performance and stable linear guide can ensure that there is no problem in long time working.

Rack: The accuracy standards for the selection of racks need to meet DIN5, ISO5, GB4. Many suppliers basically use class 8-9 standard racks. Simply put, the small modulus is more precise than the large modulus. If the diameter is constant, the smaller the modulus, the more the number of teeth, the higher the degree of coincidence. However, the modulus only represents the tooth profile specification, and the standard determines the quality. The mounting rack with L-shaped groove milled through the gantry type CNC milling machine can ensure that the workpiece is not deformed.


4. Machine Stability

Machine Body: Measure the wall thickness of the machine body, which can be measured directly on the support plate of the working table. If the thickness thicker than or equal to 40mm, it can meet the standard. Reinforcing ribs should be added at the bottom to assist load-bearing, and all load-bearing support plates and upper steel plates are precision-processed by the CNC machining center after annealing, so it can ensure that the frame does not deform when punching thicker materials and the machine is more stable.

Accuracy: The machine frame needs to be precision milled by CNC large-scale gantry milling machine. All screw holes are tapped. The L-shaped groove for installing the linear rack must be precision milled to ensure the installation of the rack and the linear slide. The line balance is within 0.05.

CNC-Tube-Punching-Machine-055. Punching MouldsDesign and Installation

All CNC tube punching machine suppliers will provide punching moulds. The design and installation of the moulds are also different from each supplier. The following factors should be considered when purchasing tube punching moulds:

  1. It is reasonable for the clearance between upperpunchand bottom die to be 0.3-0.5mm. If it is too big, the punching will easily shift, which will affect the die life and punching quality. If it is too small, the upper punch will be difficult to enter into bottom die.
  2. It is easy to install and change the punching mould?
  3. Is there a positioning device on the punching mould?
  4. The life of the die.


6.  Machine Design and Human-Computer Interaction

Machine Design: The reasonable design and high efficiency CNC tube punching machine must be very user-friendly, not only safe and smooth in operation, but also more convenient in installation, disassembly, and maintenance. Only in this way can the whole work process be more time-saving and worry-free, and work efficiency improved. Reduce the incidence of failure and extend the machine life of use.

Human-Computer Interaction: The control system is trolley-style design, which is convenient to move. In the operation process, the human-computer intelligent interaction is convenient, and the programming data input is flexible and simple.


The CNC Tube Punching Machine is large-scale production equipment. Therefore, you should also pay special attention to after-sales service when select the machine. Good after-sales service can make you use the machine better and smoothly. In addition, you can select CNC Tube Punching Machine with reasonable price and high quality and durability by comparing the prices of several manufacturers. As the saying goes, shop around first and you won’t get ripped off. Well, after you read above article, I believe you can get the CNC Tube Punching Machine with good quality.