Metal Finishing Machine

LETIPTOP Metal Finishing Machine is built with a high rigid structure which is capable of metal finishing and deburring with high standard features. It works with stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass and many other metal materials.

  • Convenient programming controller
  • 2 units of abrasive belt for different usages
  • Vacuum absorption system with conveyor feed table
  • Dry operation mode
  • Multiple processing thickness from 0.5~100mm


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During production procedure, we always encounter burrs from laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, forging, stamping, drilling, welding. Our machine offers a variety of metal finishing solutions to meet your requirements.

LETIPTOP metal finishing machine could run safety and economically. It’s your ideal choice to achieve a uniform metal plate surface for all the working parts. Our incredible customer care center is always ready to answer all of customers’ concerning.

  • Parts width capacity: 600mm, 800mm.1000mm, 1300mm, 1500mm and 1600mm.
  • processing thickness: 100mm.
  • Adjustable feeding speed
  • Up to 22KW main motor drive
  • Applications: Sanding, Deburring, Hairline finishing and Polishing
  • Wide abrasive belt with single or multiple combination structure.
  • Dust collector available with capacity 2300m³/h.
  • Up to 1,000 hours of abrasive brush life.
  • Directly setting of all the processing parameters.
  • Abrasive belt grinding station for oxide smoothing and surface finishing at one pass.
  • Deburr on interior and exterior contours of the workpieces together.
  • Vacuum adsorption conveyor feed table with self-cleaning air device for holding small parts.

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Technical Parameters

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