CNC Hydraulic Punching Machine

LETIPTOP Hydraulic Punching Machine with CNC controlled positioning table which deliver highly efficient and accurate positioning that will improve your productivity.It is a 2 axis CNC-controlled fully automatic positioning table as a factory-installed option on Hydraulic Punching Machine.


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The operation is CNC controlled using a pendant mounted controller featuring easy programming and a virtually indestructible design. It is easy to learn and operate, Just enter the X and Y-axis co-ordinates and start. There are no G codes to remember, anyone can learn to use this control in you can begin operations almost immediately. Ideal for base plates, connection plates.

Machined steel frame design.
CNC Controller is very simple and operator friendly to use.
The table is delivered complete with servomotor and 2 axis measuring system.
A program is made step by step by entering each X and Y value.
Moved to position and punched, moved to next position and punched until all holes are completed.
Distance between holes is always correct.
Four pre-programmed patterns: Line, Array, Arc, and Custom.
Maximum table travel speed without load is 8m/min.
Positioning accuracy without load ± 0.05mm.
Ball transfers on table for smooth material handling.
Ideal for heavy base plates.
No marking out required.

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