• Deburring-Machine-01 Deburring-Machine
    LETIPTOP Metal Deburring Machine designed to remove metal burrs, slag, bumps, sharp edges, raised edges, seams or oxide after forging, stamping, drilling, welding, cutting, slitting, machining, molding, and casting.
    • Dry operation
    • Abrasive belt and rotary brush
    • Deburring, edge rounding and finishing
    • Vacuum adsorption conveyor feed table
    • Dust collector
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  • Deslagging Deburring Machine-02 Deslagging Deburring Machine,Metal Finishing Machine
    LETIPTOP Slag removal Finishing and Deburring Machine is a heavy duty type machine designed especially for deburring, heavy slag removing, edge radiusing, laser oxide removal, grinding and polishingin a single pass. ,
    • Working width of 1000mm and 1300mm
    • Comprehensive deburring and deslagging procedure
    • Top brand PLC touchscreen controller
    • With hammer head
    • Sand belt Correction Photoelectric Sensor for precise processing
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  • Deslagging Deburring Machine-03,Metal Finishing Machine Deslagging Deburring Machine,Metal Finishing Machine
    LETIPTOP Metal Finishing Machine is built with a high rigid structure which is capable of metal finishing and deburring with high standard features. It works with stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass and many other metal materials.
    • Convenient programming controller
    • 2 units of abrasive belt for different usages
    • Vacuum absorption system with conveyor feed table
    • Dry operation mode
    • Multiple processing thickness from 0.5~100mm
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