• LETIPTOP CNC H-Beam Punching Machine mainly do the punching process of the H-beam and I-beam which used widely in pallet rack systems, steel structure, iron tower, bridge, and machining industries etc.
    • H-Beam / I-beam Punching
    • Web and the flanges punching
    • CNC controller for hole distance punching programming
    • The Max. length of beam upto 12 meters.
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  • CNC Angle Steel Punching Machine CNC Angle Steel Punching Machine 2
    CNC Angle Steel Punching and Cutting Machine is widely applied in steel tower, railway, bridge building, and power transmission for steel angles punching and cutting. Also it called CNC angle production line.
    • Angle Steel Punching and Cutting.
    • Multi-punching and cutting station.
    • Programming for hole punching distance and cutting length
    • 3m, 6m, 12m machine for your selection.
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  • C-channel Punching Machine CNC C-channel Punching Machine
    CPM25 series C-channel Punching Machine designed with high speed and stability for maximum output and quality when processing C-channel or U-channel.
    • C-channel or U-channel punching
    • Web and the flanges punching
    • Variety Hole Size and Shape Punching
    • High punching accuracy
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  • Pipe-Punching-Machine-(2) Pipe-Punching-Machine-(1)
    LETIPTOP is your best choice for pipe punching machine.
    • round hole, square hole, rectangle hole, oblong hole punching.
    • All kinds of steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel for punching.
    • C-channel, H-beam, round pipe, square pipe and profile steel for punching.
    • The Max. length of pipe upto 12 meters.
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  • tube punching machine - 1 tube punching machine - 1
    LETIPTOP is your best choice for the tube punching machine.
    • round hole, square hole, rectangle hole, oblong hole punching.
    • Material: steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, PE, etc
    • Profile steel: round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, elliptical tube, angle steel, etc
    • The Max. length of pipe up to 12 meters.
      tube punching machine - 2
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  • Double Cylinder Hydraulic Punching Machine (1)
    LETIPTIOP designed the dual-operation hydraulic punching machine to improve the working efficiency. Two people can operate the machine simultaneously at both ends of the machine.
    • Dual-operation for punching.
    • C-channel, H-beam, I-beam punching.
    • Automatic cooling system
    • 5 set of punch and die.
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  • Single cylinder hydraulic punching machine often use in metal fabrication. In addition to hole punching, it can also be used for pipe notching and joint, plate bending, angle steel bending, radius corners, rounding off corners, bilateral rounding off and so on.
    • 40mm thickness plate punching.
    • variety holes punching
    • Max. 500mm plate bending.
    • 220V, 380V, 415V, 600V power available.
    Single-Cylinder-Hydraulic-Punching-Machine video
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  • CNC-Hydraulic-Punching-Machine-1 CNC-Hydraulic-Punching-Machine
    LETIPTOP Hydraulic Punching Machine with CNC controlled positioning table which deliver highly efficient and accurate positioning that will improve your productivity.It is a 2 axis CNC-controlled fully automatic positioning table as a factory-installed option on Hydraulic Punching Machine.  
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