• Ironworker Machine - 1 Ironworker Machine
    The world's largest capacity of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine was designed and produced by LETIPTOP. It widely used in a different industry.
    • Range from 200 tons to 400 tons.
    • Max punching thickness up to 40mm.
    • Motorized feeding system
    • Automatic holding system and cooling system available.
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  • Double-Cylinder-Hydraulic-Ironworker
    Universal Ironworker Machine for punching, cutting, notching and bending. You also can do special workpiece after changing the molds.
    • Range from 60 tons to 160 tons.
    • Max punching thickness from 16mm to 30mm.
    • Automatic holding system and cooling system available.
    •  5 sets of punch and die.
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  • Hydraulic-Ironworker-(1) hydraulic ironworker
    This is a single-cylinder pivoting-type Hydraulic Ironworker. It also has five working stations. You can home use it with single phase.
    • 45 tons punching force at 5 stations.
    • Max punching thickness 12mm.
    • 5 sets of punch and die.
    • 2 years warranty.
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