Thank you very much to Pakistan customer Mr. Awais for ordering 1 set of 4000mm CNC Hydraulic Tube Punching Machine which mainly used to storage shelf and rack punching. The tubes size are 30x30x2mm, 60x30x3mm, 80x30x3mm, 38x38x2mm, 50.8×25.4x2mm. Due to the coronavirus epidemic situation, he could not come to China to inspect the machine by himself, so his friend Mr. Ahmad comes to us to inspect the machine. Mr. Ahmad has been in China for 10 years and speaks Chinese fluently. It is my pleasure to meet him.

Acceptance of the CNC Hydraulic Tube Punching Machine TPM25-4000D is qualified, punching without burrs and deformation.

Now the machine is on the way to Pakistan. It will improve the working efficiency and create more wealth for Mr. Awais. Welcome to order again.

Our machine is specialized in storage shelf and rack punching. If any reader would like to make the storage shelf and rack, please feel free to give us a call at +86-18951166013 or email us by for a formal quote on the CNC Hydraulic Tube Punching Machine and talk to TIPTOP expert to get the support of storage shelf and rack manufacturing.

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