Mr. Sunny bought our CNC H-beam Punching Machine at 14ht of November, 2014. They are the one of biggest manufacture of storage shelf and rack in USA. They bought this machine mainly for punching the flange of W8 x 18 Beams as racking stand. This beam is part of Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks.


We designed this machine for both web and flange punching of H-beam. After changing the mold, you can also punch channel steel, square pipe, round steel, angle steel, etc. It is really suitable for the shelf industry. According to report of our after-sales service team, the machine works very well till now. They took the video to show the machine working as below:

If any storage shelf and rack would like to make, please feel free to give us a call at +86-18951166013 or email us by for a formal quote on the CNC H-beam Punching Machine and talk to TIPTOP expert to get the support of storage shelf and rack manufacturing.

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